CBA, NCA and FRC follow up meeting: With Telecom Operators and Mobile Money Service providers in Somalia

Mogadishu, March 16th, 2023 – The Central Bank of Somalia, National Communication Authority and Financial Reporting Centre had a follow up meeting with Telecom Operators and Mobile Money Service Providers in Somalia to discuss the implementation of the orders issued by NAMLC some of which are relevant to them.

The purpose of the meeting was to strength the relations and cooperation between government agencies and Telecommunication companies & Mobile money service providers operating in the country, Implementing decisions of the National Anti-money laundering committee and countering terrorist financing as a part of the financial disruption strategy.

Please click the link below for the NAMLC Press Release

Press Release

and those who fail to comply with the law will face consequences. The members and institutions involved in these matters should work together closely and avoid any actions that could create a gap between them. 3/3