In accordance with Article 21(11) of AML/CFT Act,2016, The FRC has the power to issue a formal warning, revocation or suspension of business license and fixed penalty fine upon reporting entities for non-compliance with anti-money laundering and countering the financing terrorism obligations.

The Table below illustrates the steps that will be taken to enforce compliance

No Enforcement Steps 2019
1 Formal Warning issued to Banking Institutions
2 Formal Warning issued to Money Transfer Businesses (Hawaalas)
3 Suspension Orders Issued
4 Revoked Business Licenses
5 Financial Penalties for Banking Institutions
6 Financial Penalties for the Money Transfer Businesses (Hawaalas)

The forum discussion's main agenda included: how financial institutions can develop an effective #AML/#CFT compliance program. Protecting financial institutions against AML/CFT and the global AML/CFT case studies and lessons learned from the cases. #Somalia #Mogadishu pic.twitter.com/jOyrloMOkH