MENAFATF 35th Plenary Rabat – Kingdom of Morocco 24 – 25 November 2022

The Financial Reporting Center (FRC) participated in the 35th MENAFATF’s plenary meeting held over two days in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco. The plenary started with a statement by Her Excellency Mrs Nadia Fattah Allawi, Minister of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Morocco. The meeting was chaired by His Excellency Dr. Jawhar Al-Nafisi, MENAFATF president, and chairman of the Moroccan FIU.

Within the framework of this gathering of experts, this meeting came as a real opportunity to strengthen and unify regional and international efforts led by the MENAFATF concerning anti-money laundering, combating terrorist financing and proliferation financing and protecting the economic, social and political systems in the region from the risks of such crimes as well as topics related to ML/TF of a regional nature, which will have a significant and effective impact in the field of spreading awareness of the risks of ML/TF in the region A number of working papers related to mutual evaluation will be discussed, including the paper on the amended procedures for mutual evaluations and follow-up processes. in addition to topics related to the plans and development of the MENAFATF’s works, including the MENAFATF’s action plan for 2023, increasing the effectiveness of the MENAFATF, and areas of technical assistance and typologies such as the plan of training programs and webinars for 2023 and the typologies project on the abuse of NPOs in TF.

The Financial Reporting Center had a fruitful meeting with mobile money service providers. The purpose of the engagement was to foster collaboration between mobile money service providers and FRC to ensure compliance with #AML/#CFT Act, and Reporting obligations.