Somalia Govt Clamping Down Alshabaab & IS Financiers- DPM Guled

Somalia’s Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Guled has said the government is making progress in halting money which is coming from other countries.

Speaking during the consultative conference on the risk of money laundering and terrorism investment the DPM said the money which comes from outside the country is used to finance terrorism.

”Security and the economy are related with money laundering. Such money is being invested in terrorists who are fighting the government,” Guled said.

The DPMs remarks come as the Minister of Planning, Jamal Mohamed Hassan said that the country’s institutions and the agencies should deposit their money in the country’s banks.

“Institutions working in the country must be held accountable for their remittances and we have already agreed with them, so we must strengthen the implementation of the agreements,” he said.

The minister also said that billions of dollars are coming into the country every year, and it needs to be monitored.

“More than two billion dollars are coming into the country every year so it is important to monitor the management and procedures through the country’s banks,” he added.